Approved by the Elder Justice Council on September 9, 2015.
The purpose of the St. Clair County Elder Justice Council is to provide a forum for the development of a community-based interagency assessment of the local elder justice system, to develop a county elder justice plan for the prevention of elder abuse, and to make recommendations to stake holders and decision makers, for more effectively utilizing existing community resources in supporting elders who are abused, neglected or exploited. The elder justice plan shall include relevant portions of local crime prevention and public safety plans, residential improvement and residential safety plans, and the plans or initiatives of other public and private entities within the county that are concerned with elder abuse and exploitation, the prevention of elder crime and criminal activity targeting the elder population.
The duties and responsibilities of the St. Clair County Elder Justice Council include, but are not limited to:
        (a) Developing a county elder justice plan based upon utilization of the resources of law enforcement, social service systems, legal services, private businesses and others in a cooperative and collaborative manner to prevent or discourage elder crime.
         (b) As necessary, entering into interagency agreement specifying the nature and extent of contributions each signatory agency can make in achieving the goals of the county elder justice plan and their commitment to the sharing of information useful in carrying out the goals of the interagency agreement to the extent authorized by law.
         (c) Applying for and receiving public or private grants, to be administered by one of the community partners that support one or more components of the county elder justice council goals.
         (d) Providing a forum for the presentation of interagency recommendations and the resolution of disagreements relating to the implementation of the council’s goals.
         (e) Assisting and coordinating the efforts of local community support organizations and volunteer groups in providing enrichment programs and other support services for clients of local elder care centers.
         (f) Developing and making available a county-wide resource guide for elders and elder service providers in need of prevention, intervention, psycho-social, educational support, and other services needed to prevent elder abuse.